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HP MSM Controller 760 setup

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HP MSM Controller 760 setup


I haven't given up just yet, but soon...

I have a LAN Port for my internal access to the webbrowser of the msm controller

I have setup The Internet port for accepting VLAN only. When I trunk the ports on the switch The Internet Port is connected to, I get a lot of love from the different vlans. I get ip info which fits the vlans.

How should I set up the switch for

a) the hp msm controllers Lan Port. I assume that I need to untag the actual vlan the msm controller is connected to (LAN port).

b) The Internet Port. This supports VLAN traffic only. I assume that I just trunk (tag) the vlans I want to be accessible.

c) The AP. How do I set up the AP's so it gives me the right IP, gateway address and so on?

do I set up the VSC profile with authentication and access control from the Service controller?

do I need anything else in order for the AP to actually work?

Thanks in advance :-)