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HP MSM760 Faulty HDD

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HP MSM760 Faulty HDD

Dear all,

HDD in our MSM760 controller died and ofc we dont have spare backup. Is there any possibility to obtain image with OS we could deploy to new HDD? Thanks for any tips.



ADD: controler iunfortunatelly s out of warranty


Re: HP MSM760 Faulty HDD

Dear Customer,

You may check with local partner or ASP at your location from the site :https://findapartner.hpe.com/

If you could find the compatible HDD with an image for your Controller, then you may have to check the following things :

1. Need to enter activation license (transfer from old serial/mac address to new serial/mac address). So, the MSM product should be registered in the first place.
2. You may try to Boot the controller to product OS.

If "show image" doesnt show any image then you should ask for another replacement to get the HDD preloaded with the MSM image.

You cannot upload the image via CLI if its not booted into product OS yet and if you plan to load the image from your side. You may check the below link for the firmware downloads.


Note 1 : The product should have a Software contract to download the image. Or else, you would find all the downloads here would be locked state and cannot download.

Note 2 : These products are discontined as of now and no sale for any regions as of now.

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