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Re: HP MSM760 Local Mesh alt.master connect problem?

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HP MSM760 Local Mesh alt.master connect problem?

Hi Gurus!


I'm Running MSM760 + 6 E-MSM466 dual radio with omni directional antennas and need to setup those to local mes.

I can get network cable to master ap and to those next ap's i need to have local mesh connection.


I have attached the scenario i have to install those, but the problem is that my first ap "Alternate Master1" can connect to "Master AP", but my "Alternate Master2" cannot connect to "Master AP" through "Alternate Master1" etc.

When i move "Alternate Master2" closer to "Alternate Master1" it connects to "Master AP" like it should.


I have set my "Alternate Master AP's" to own group ALTMasters and there is setting that they get Alternate master profile by default from "Local Mesh Provisioning Profile" (Act as alternate master (accept connections)).

 -All AP's has same radio frequency.


I know that this is not best to do because of latency's and so but any help or tip for this configuration is welcome :)


Regards, OLLI

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Re: HP MSM760 Local Mesh alt.master connect problem?



You don't mention the distance between Access Points.  But the diagram appears to show that you are using directional antennas - and meshing with a different radio for each hop.  This is not the original HP concept - you would have to put the devices into autonomous mode, then use "WDS" which HP calls local mesh - to pair the devices via MAC address so the transport works.

If you want to use the HP proprietary method - then you would need to use only one of the radios dedicated for the mesh - and truely omni antennas - and have sufficient RSSi to make it all work.


Good luck!





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Re: HP MSM760 Local Mesh alt.master connect problem?





Distance of AP's is so that they can see each other, max 100meters.

And correction for antennas, I'm using only Radio1 N 5Ghz to the Local Mesh, the Radio2 is for Accespoint only n/b/g.


More for this, "solution".

I made test with columbris/hp 320 dual radio antennas so that they use G for local mesh and with those i had no problem connecting ap's into chain... so i cannot solve why i cannot do it with those E466 and N/5Ghz radio1??