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HP MSM760 compatibility

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HP MSM760 compatibility



I've bought HP MSM760 controller and these Access Points: HP 425 wireless 802.11n (WW) AP. 

According to: http://www.arp.com/webmedias/datasheet/14497161.pdf should be compatible.

Are those really compatible?

Can anyone help me pls to add HP 425 as a "Controlled AP" in MSM 760?


Re: HP MSM760 compatibility



This document also says that it is compatible with the MSM760 controller with minimum FW version

I would first check whether the controller has the required firmware version. If not upgrade.



If the FW is ok, check the basics for controller discovery.

-The AP should be able to receive IP address via DHCP (the controller LAN port can also be used)

-The AP and the controller should have IP addresses in the same subnet for layer 2 discovery.

-If AP and controller dont have IP addresses in the same subnet- the APs should have a way to learn the IP address of the controller -via DHCP option 43 or DNS.

-AP discovery should be enabled on the ip interface of the controller


This AP can operate only as controlled AP, standalone mode is not available.











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Re: HP MSM760 compatibility

Thx, I've done the firmware upgrade on MSM760 and it works well now.