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Re: HP V-M200 and VLAN settings

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HP V-M200 and VLAN settings



We are trying to configure a V-M200 access point to have a SSID linked to a specified VLAN which is VLAN 4 (DMZ).


On the HP ProCurve 2510 switch, we have configured the port where the AP is plugged as tagged 4. SSID is set to work on VLAN 4.

Wi-Fi connection is working well, we get the wi-fi connection, DHCP address comes, and browsing works.


BUT we cannot access to the AP interface anymore ! Although I try to ping it using a server in DMZ (same VLAN tag) it doesn't work.


If i also tag the port with the default VLAN which is 1, it doesn't work.


The only way to have the access back to the AP interface is to set the port to Untagged. If I do so, I can't have wi-fi connection anymore.


Where could be the problem ?!


Thank you in advance.

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Re: HP V-M200 and VLAN settings

With your computer on VLAN 4, set your computer's NIC IP to manual with an address in the 192.168.1.x / range, and try to ping - if that responds, that's how you have to manage it with your setup. Otherwise, setting that switch port to "UN-tagged" VLAN 1 might allow the V-M200 to grab an IP if there is a DHCP server in the default VLAN, or else it will default to, which you should be able to access as above.

Good luck-


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Re: HP V-M200 and VLAN settings



I've solved my problem by setting the port untagged 1 and tagged 4 (I want to use DHCP in VLAN 4) AND setting the IP address of the AP in a IP used in my untagged VLAN.


Thank you