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HP V-M200 more than two SSID - error

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HP V-M200 more than two SSID - error

The access point comes trunk. Inside the trunk several vlan. The access point creates several SSID. SSID Each has its own vlan. Each network contains about ten users.

When running two SSID - everything works. But if you add a third or more- Internet is very slow, disconnected users, new users can not connect.


The statistics are visible errors:


    Wireless port is up
Frequency: Channel 3, 2.422GHz
Protocol: 802.11b / g
Mode: AP only
Tx power: 20 dBm
Tx packets: 248112596
Rx packets: 194661144
Tx dropped: 35,324
Rx dropped: 0
Tx errors: 1617620
Tx multicast octets: 2270390420
Tx unicast octets: 245080564676
Tx fragments: 248112596
Tx multicast frames: 17165058
Tx unicast frames: 230947538
Rx multicast octets: 22387765502
Rx unicast octets: 89818091059
Rx fragments: 428417060
Rx multicast frames: 176198044
Rx unicast frames: 190109580
Tx discards wrong SA: 0
Tx discards: 0
Tx retry limit exceeded: 1551712
Tx multiple retry frames: 2629622
Tx single retry frames: 11401286
Tx deferred transmissions: 0

QoS low priority tx: 1
QoS medium priority tx: 237090391
QoS high priority tx: 276454
QoS very high priority tx: 444544
Rx discards no buffer: 0
Rx discards WEP excluded: 0
Rx discards WEP ICV error: 0
Rx msg in bad msg fragments: 0
Rx msg in msg fragments: 0
Rx WEP undecryptable: 6645
Rx FCS errors: 12984361


When setting the channel - Automatik  - All three SSIDs which put on one channel.


QoS priority mechanism: diffserv.
When a particular network expose more first priority - the network is stable.

All three SSID are on the same frequency and overlap each other.

Is it possible to manually set the channel for each SSID?

Software version
Boot revision Boot 16.1 (Jun 17 2010 - 11:16:04)
Hardware revision 29-76-3501-01

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Re: HP V-M200 more than two SSID - error

You don't provide nearly enough information to troubleshoot the "speed" problem that you  are mentioning, and I advise you call HP support on that issue.


You ask this question:


Is it possible to manually set the channel for each SSID?


Because this is a single radio product, it is not possible to have multiple SSIDs on different channels.