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HP Wireless Controller | Beginner

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HP Wireless Controller | Beginner

Hi all ,



I have some very fundamental queries , regarding the logical operations/design of HP Controller Architecture.


I have been woking in this field since last 3 years..wih a pure Cisco Background , subsequently , i have deployed a lot of Controller Based Architecture.


So Naturally you have a tendency to compare every new thing ( in terms of logical configurations and deployment paramters) , with respect to what you have done earlier , in my case cisco.



So after reading the MSM 7XX configuration guide i found it to be a bit Dry honestly , and  was  a little overwhelmed , especially with the concepts of VSCs,Network Profiles,Interfaces and Ports.


Usually, the way i understand is  


A. First you have to create a WLAN Profile ( with every bit of informaton from SSID to security ) .

B. Create a Virtual Interface with an IP address assigned to it , used for communicating from a particular Subnet/WLAN/VLAN with the Outside world.

C.Map one WLAN to one Virtual Interface. ( {WLAN}->{Virtual Interface} ).

D.Then finally MAP the interface to a physical Port.



What is the logical equivalent of this process in HP ?



As i understand VSCs are equivalent to WLAN Profile , then what does Network Profile stand for  ?


I need to understand the WorkFlow Logically !!!!



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Re: HP Wireless Controller | Beginner

I really don't know about Cisco but to put it in a nutshell to create a WLAN with MSM products this is basically the way it works:


1. Create a VSC - this appears to be equivalent to WLAN profile

2. Bind that VSC to an AP group


Whether or not you need to create a Network Profile and a VLAN and bind these to the controller interfaces etc. depends solely on what kind of VSC you want to create. The amount of configuration options you have to route the traffic in your network is really too large to explain here.


I think your best option is to pick the implementation guide from http://tinyurl.com/MSMImplementationGuide. This has 5 example implementations increasing in complexity. Check the introduction / overview of each implementation (<20 pages) and you know what's the purpose / target audience of each implementation. The rest of the book (>1000 pages :-D) is step-by-step instructions how to put this implementation in place. I'm sure that with this, the contextual help on the GUI (the little question marks) and the manual you will find what you need.


The implementation guide is created for FW version 5.4. Current versions have new features, and MSM720 is a bit more complicated device, however the basics described here are still valid.


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Re: HP Wireless Controller | Beginner

Thnaks Buddy .


The Pdf that you pointed to was immensely helpful , and much better than the Official configuration Guide ..


One more query , does the new HP 830 unified wired-wireless switch , has a GUI configuration facility ?


I went through the Official configuration guide for 830 , and (though very comprehensive in nature ) i found it to be like a Command Reference Guide ! Do they have a GUI configuration guide for it ?