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HP Wireless MSM760 and E-MSM430 Setup

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HP Wireless MSM760 and E-MSM430 Setup

Hey, Guys


Not sure if this is the correct place to post as it is the first time...


I am from Cisco world so if I used some terms not really apply to HP, please just forgive me.

I have been asked to setup this lovely HP Wireless network with MSM760 Controller and 8 E-MSM430 APs. However I think I ran into some hurdles here. Below is the high level overview of the network layout.


Wireless users --> eight APs --POE Links--> HP 2910 Switches --> one MSM760 controller --> core switch --> Internet


I am trying to setup 2 WLANs on controller: 1 for Guest and 1 for Staff. Guest one will use web auth via local user database and data traffic on vlan 100 when leaving Internet Port; Staff one will do authentication via Active Directory and data traffic on vlan 200 when leaving Internet Port. I configured controlled AP group to just use SSID to identify the ingress traffic and no filter/manipulation on egress. I also configured controller to have 2 VCS with different egress VLAN mappings. There is no IP on port 1/internet of the controller as there should be 2 VLANs on it. 


Right now I ran into couple of problems under this setup:

1. Local User authentication does not work. It only shows user is refused on web portal. It is pretty much the same information in the controller log. Any other place I should be looking at for this?

 I guess I found the issue with this one. There is an option to setup the maximum login count...


2. It does not seem the itnernet port is tagging the traffic properly to VLANs. I connected it to a tagged port on switch but it does seem work.


3. As there is no IP on Internet Port of Controller, can it use the management IP OR LAN port IP to communicate with Active Directory, right?


Please advise.





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