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HP m200 AP in WDS deployment

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HP m200 AP in WDS deployment

i have 4 HP M200 AP in WDS deployment  as the below scenario



Basement Floor-------Ground Floor ----------1st Floor----------2nd Floor


these APs are very bad n not reliable , after less than one day the network performance become very very very bad

i can't believe that HP made those Faulty APs


All APs works on the same channel 11 and all WDS status are green and suppose that they up and running

but actually these APs are ....... i can't find a word to describe this mess


i think these APs are faulty and have a problem in hardware n software


Re: HP m200 AP in WDS deployment



I think this is not the right place to complain about a product.

Maybe you should contact HP directly. The AP has life time warranty in most countries.


When I understand it correctly you are trying to establish WDS between AP located on different floors. That is the AP in the basement doesnt have wired connection to the AP in the ground floor, but only a WDS. Is this correct?


I found the following in the manual


Physical characteristics of the location

To maximize coverage of a wireless cell, the V-M200s are best installed in an open area with

as few obstructions as possible. Try to choose a location that is central to the area being


Radio waves cannot penetrate metal; they are reflected instead. The V-M200 can transmit

through wood or plaster walls and closed windows. However, the steel reinforcing found in

concrete walls and floors may block transmissions or reduce signal quality by creating

reflections. This can make it difficult or impossible for a single V-M200 to serve users on

different floors in a concrete building. Such installations require a separate V-M200 on each



The same applies to the WDS connection to another AP as it uses radio waves as well.


So I think that a WDS between APs located on differen floors, separated by concrete walls with steel reinforcement is not a good idea.

If this is really the case with your location, you should consider wired connection between the APs.


Other recommendations I found in the manual:

It is recommended that 802.11n or 802.11a in the 5 GHz band be used for WDS links whenever

possible. This optimizes throughput and reduces the potential for interference.


You mention channel 11 and this is the 2,4GHz band.


If you really suspect HW issues you should contact your local support!







I am an HPE employee

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