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HTML authentication with AD on MSM710?

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HTML authentication with AD on MSM710?



I'm trying to set up my MSM710 to use an active directory controller to authenticate users by domain username & password, captive-portal style (eg, users join the domain, http is redirected to the controller's onboard webserver, which authenticates them for access control purposes with the DC and then lets them on the network if they have the right AD attribute).


I can't seem to get the redirect to work, however.    I've got the authenticated & access-controlled VSC up and visible, and the controller joined to the domain.   The controller's webserver is visible on a high-numbered port on its hardline interface, but not otherwise.  


Has anybody had luck with this?

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Re: HTML authentication with AD on MSM710?

I have created AD authentication but without HTML
one user trying to connects to the SSID it popup option to enter username and PWD.