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Heavy p2p Kill the router

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Heavy p2p Kill the router


i've got a 20 mbit connection and a 3CRWDR101A-75 router with latest firmware. (1.12.01.A (12 Jun 2009 15:23:03).

I works very well, but recently i've discovered that the router slows down really a lot upon heavy peer to peer traffic (i've a small home server which is up 24/7 to serve my lan with mldonkey, with torrents and ed2k).

It happens that

1) pinging router gets high ping: half second and a lot of lost packets.

2) DHCP server takes a lot to serve a client (and often clients goes timeout)

3) stablishing a PPPoE connection takes more than a mite

4) pinging the first OP of my ISP takes up to 1 second

5) router browser interface does not work (firefox goes timeout)


If i just kill mldonkey daemon it works goodly all of a sudden.

I've read about this for othe 20$ routers, and it did not happened to me before (although i've always had high p2p traffic).

I've just begun using DHCP with localdomain name since this happened. (i've setup dnsmasqd to resolve internal network clients name).

What can i do?

Thanks a lot