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Re: Help with Guest Wireless

Dustin Harrig
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Help with Guest Wireless

I currently have an HP 5412zl with an MSM765zl controller.  I have access points across a routed environment that get their provisioning from the controller (using dns method for the controller).   I use the LAN port to connect to the standard data vlan.  DHCP is handed out via a Windows server.  I am not using the Internet port at this time.  I am wanting to set up a Guest VSC that only has HTTP access to the Internet.  This will be an open network.  I would want usrs to attach to the Guest VSC and go out. I was hoping all traffice could tunnel through the controller on this VSC and out the Internet port though it would need to be on the same internal network.  It won't allow me to assign an address to the Internet Port on the same subnet as the lan port.   I'm reading alot about Radius servers and what not but do not want to go with that complicated of a route, if possible.   I am very confused, can anyone help? 

Dustin Harrig
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Stephen Swain
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Re: Help with Guest Wireless

I've got the same job to do as well. Don't want guess access on any LAN network, unfortunately stuck with ZL controllers with both interfaces on LAN side switches. I'd rather be able to rely on third party tools for guest control like IOS and ASA, but zl module limits this option.





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Re: Help with Guest Wireless

You can do that -I guess-, check the implementation guide for the MSM controllers it is mentioned how to force the traffic to go to the controller and go out using the internet port without accessing your network (tunneled).