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Help with MSM-720 Setup

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Help with MSM-720 Setup



I have a MSM-720 with 6 MSM-430's


What I am after is to create two VSCs ( SSIDs ) so that the first VSC ( ssid1 ) will give IPs setup on the controller itself and access the internet throught port 5T which is connected to one ISP and the second VSC ( ssid2 ) to give IPs from the controller too however access the internet through port 6T which is a different ISP.


I think I have the setup for the first VSC setup properly, however my second VSC still uses the ISP on port 5T and not the ISP on port 6T.  My guess is the egress mappings aren't setup correctly and they are both using the default.


How can I fix this so that they each use the desired ISP based on VSC ?


Thank You