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High CPU load - MSM760

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High CPU load - MSM760

We are getting extremely high CPU load on the MSM760. This seems to be caused by the postmaster process for the most part. Do you have any idea, why is this so heavy on the CPU? We have about 700 users on the WLC managed through GMS. Currently online are only about 50. Is there a way to safely restart the postmaster process?


811 root R 5908 500 52.3 0.2 postmaster
687 root S 3204 348 21.3 0.1 scdb
3080 root S 4032 348 7.5 0.1 webredirect
712 root R 19M 348 2.3 0.9 openvpn
3005 root S 10M 348 1.5 0.5 webauth
944 root S 16M 348 1.3 0.8 iprulesmgr
26194 root S 6268 348 1.3 0.3 webs




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Re: High CPU load - MSM760

Hi Minion


I work as an engineer on HP Networking support, and haven't previously seen an issue with postmaster process hogging up CPU. I'd advise you to collect the following data from your controller during the problem period:


- filtered log

- unfiltered log

- configuration file

- sysinfo.bin (Maintenance - System - Save system information)


Also please take a screenshot of top-command output of the device.


After this please go to https://h10145.www1.hp.com/help/Help_ContactInfo.aspx?cwp=2&SelectedTab=2 to find contact info for your local support center. You can either call in, or send us an electronic case via My Networking. With that support can get busy with your problem.


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