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How to configure MSM410 (j9426b) for guest access?

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How to configure MSM410 (j9426b) for guest access?

I have 2 MSM410's, one for internal wireless access, the other will be for guests to use.  I have been reviewing the manual and I am unclear as to how to set up the guest AP.


One way would be to simply connect it to a switch we have on the outside of the firewall.  The problem here is this switch also has our SBS server's WAN port plugged into it and what happens is the VPN adapter might pick up a DHCP address from the 410 and that would screw things up.


The other way would be to put it on the internal LAN, but again, what do I do about the DHCP issue?  Do I need to set up a VLAN for this?  If I do, how does it get out to see the internet?  I havn't actually set it up and seen the interface yet, but from reading the manual I'm not clear on what my options are.




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