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How to understand the Status Codes for HP MSM720?


How to understand the Status Codes for HP MSM720?

Hello, I am trying to troubleshoot connection issues with our wireless controller and to do so, I am looking into the event logs you can find when clicking on Tools and then on Events.

The recorded logs are all connected to status codes, but when I use Google to search for the HP Status Codes or alternatively for Hewlett Packard Status Codes, I can not find any documentation for this.

Please tell me two things:

  1. What does Status Code 37 tells me?
  2. Where can I find a documentation about all possible Status Codes?
    • I have already looked in the Downloads section and there has not been any further information


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Re: How to understand the Status Codes for HP MSM720?


maybe it would be more helpful if you can provide the whole description of the event where this status codes are appearing so that we can see the whole context.

I suspect however that the status code you have in mind is simply defined in the 802.11 standard so it is not a purely HPE code. Please have a look at this


https://www.cybersecurityinstitute.eu/reference-information1/ieee-802-11-authentication-association-status-codes/ Status Code field

The Status Code field is used in a response management frame to indicate the success or failure of a requested operation. The length of the Status Code field is 2 octets. The Status Code field is illustrated in Figure 8-43.

In the table we see indeed a status code 37 and it simply means "the request has been declined" does this make sense for the issues you are troubleshooting?


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