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Hp 425 AP with MSM760 Controller


Hp 425 AP with MSM760 Controller

Dear All ,


This is my first time using the HP community , as i am not familier with HP product .

As of now i have a problem which i cann't find any solution for it .


We have MSM760 (previous realese was 6.2. and now upgraded to ) that has 33 HP 425 Access point connect .

The number of licesnse is 40 , when adding more HP 425 APs it stay in green color flashing and never detected by the Controller , nut it gets the IP address from the MSM760 Controller .

When login through console to HP 425 AP it says ("The device has exited zero configuration state") and version is 2.0 .

please be noted that there is config in the network its only for the WIFI system.

can anyone please suggest a solution for this ?