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Hp Procurve MSM 313

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Hp Procurve MSM 313




I have a situation and it is as followd,



I want to use 3 different SSID's on 3 different VLAN's.  + the guest SSID only has internet acces at the vlan 212.

knowing this, when someone wants to acces the AP to enter the internet or intranet, they must use an wpa key to login to the wifi.


SSID         Vlan ID

Data         22

Voice        23

Guest       212 (DMZ)


We are our own isp so we have only one Radius server (although i dont think we need it)



i tried to use the  '' hp msm313/msm323 integrated services access point (deployment guide) senario 3:shared hotspot for public and private traffic.


but so far i only mannaged to add the SSID's and vlan but what then?


kindes regards,