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Issue handing off dchp to authenticated Egress vlan

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Issue handing off dchp to authenticated Egress vlan

Hi there I will explain my config then what i am trying to do.


I have four vsc's , admin network (AD authentication Vlan 1) Wireless VOIP (WEP vlan2) Guest Free (Html Authenticated vlan 3) Guest Paid (Html Auth vlan 3) DHCP provided by MS DCHP. there are 2 teamed  msm765 controllers.


I am trying to combine the 2 guest networks onto one VSC and have unauthenticated stay on VLAN3 and authenticated traffic use newly created VLAN4.


Once i loging via the HTML authentication i dont get  the DCHP handoff to the DHCP server on VLAN4.


The reason i am trying to do this is so i can restrict services on the VLAN 3 and offer more on VLAN 4.



I have tested the VLan4 by untagging a port on a switch and i receive an ip with internet access.



Help! im geting frustrated.