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Issue with Controlled MSM422 APs with radio 1 on 5GHz pure N

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Issue with Controlled MSM422 APs with radio 1 on 5GHz pure N

Hi All.

We've been having issues with particular areas being serviced by our MSM422s (we also have a large number of MSM460s) where people are rerpoting either drop outs, not being able to connect or no throughput (unable to access any network resources).  I've been able to capture a spectrum analysis with Chanalyzer and a Wireshark capture (which basically stopped when the interfernece kicked in).  I've seen issues with people reporting throughput and connection issues with the Intel Centrino 6200/6300 series cards.  Basicall all of our devices have these cards in them.  I've also attached the VSC config and Radio config for a particular MSM422 which has given us issues.  I've taken measurements when there have been no clients in the area and everything is clear.

We are running one MSM765zl on with the clients (around 1200 in total) having a mix of latest intel drivers and older versions.

Any pointers in the right direction would be much appreciated.