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Licencing on HP MSM controller

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Licencing on HP MSM controller

hi everyone 


i purchase HP MSM 775zl Controller however i have a bit confuse Licencing 

i have 2 controller i want to make one active and other one Slave. 

here i confuse bit. i bought 200 AP licence now whrere to install this licence ?

because this licence has 40x3 AP and by default 2 controller has 40 AP licence. 

So can anyone guide me where to install 40x3 licence 



With Best Regard 

Tej Bahadur Bhandari


Re: Licencing on HP MSM controller

It's purely matter of taste. You want to build a controllerteam? Licenses where moved to other team-member if one controller is offline. You should 40x2 install to your master and the 40x1 to your slave.

If something is wrong with your team and you have 60 percent (120 accesspoints) or 40 percent (80 accesspoints) of your accesspoints online.

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Re: Licencing on HP MSM controller

thanks for quick response 

however i'm facing trouble on teaming 2 controller 

here what i have done

both controller has same clock time, timezone etc

i install additional licence on one controller that i wanted to make Master 

controller are can ping each other via both LAN interface and interface 

i have set virtual ip on master 

i have enable controller discovery and 

still no luck 

can you please guide me where am i missing 

or if possible could you please do teamviewer today at 10 am GMT +3:00