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Local Mesh Access Point - MSM 760

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Local Mesh Access Point - MSM 760

Hi everyone,

I use a msm 760 and some access point 410 and 430, all of their have the lastest firmware
I use the local mesh settings for some access point in differents locations.
In summary, my configuration is: Slave AP+LM 802.1n/b/g and Master: AP+LM 802.1 n/b/g on radio 1

Now, i 'll try to explain my problem.

When a wireless client want to access in internet by Master Access point, it's ok but when he wants to connect with a Local Mesh baccess point, it doesn't work.

The controller can't give him a ip address and if i see the event log, always this message:

" Sent deauthenticate to station(Reason: Class 2 frame received from nonauthenticated station)"

In all Local Mesh AP, i can't receive no IP address

I don't know why it doesn't work.



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Re: Local Mesh Access Point - MSM 760

Anyone have idea?

I think a have find one option on the VCS, I had denied wireless communication between 2 stations. After i accept all, it's ok

But now, a new probleme about security, 2 wireless clients in a same access point able to ping each other.
I put "client data tunnel" for security but no changement.

Someone have a idea for isolate stations in a same AP.