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Looking into E-MSM765zl

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Looking into E-MSM765zl

Here we are looking into purchasing E-MSM765zl module and 25 access points. I have been looking thru the manuals, and I wanted to pick everyone's brains.  I want to run a two simple ssids, the first to be a password protected, and the second to be a guest ssid. The first when the wireless password is put in, assigns a DHCP from our internal server, for access to the internal network. Rather not mess with any other authenication, RADIUS, etc.


And the second guest ssid, I want the controller to assign a DHCP requests and allow only internet access. First question, can this be done easily, looking thru manuals it gets little confusing?  Also with the controller do you manually have to setup radio ports on all access points?



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Re: Looking into E-MSM765zl

I've got a simular setup like you are stating, but a little more security. Two SSID (or VSC as HP calls them), one that is not access controlled by the controller, but I do Windows NPS (RADIUS) for authentication, and one that is access controlled by the controller that I have a HTML based user login for (I use that for my "Public" access) .


This second VSC gets it DHCP from the controller and is directed out to the controllers Internet interface and I have an ACL which denies access back to the LAN network.


Look for something called the Implementation Guide at HP http://h20000.www2.hp.com/bizsupport/TechSupport/DocumentIndex.jsp?lang=en&cc=us&contentType=SupportManual&prodTypeId=12883&prodSeriesId=3963981&docIndexId=1255&printver=true


It has sample setups and configurations that help you understand what it can do. Also, with the new firmware, there are wizards/templates that you can use (I have not used them, so can't say how well they work).


The point of the controller is to use it to manage and controll all aspects of the access points, so the answer to you last question is no...you configure the radio model's profile from the controller and then that config will propagate to the radios when you sync them.