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M220 versus M200 Station Isolation versus SSID isolation

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M220 versus M200 Station Isolation versus SSID isolation

We are reviewing to use the M220 as a better model to the M200 with its disconnect issues.


However we noticed 2 big changes that are a showstopper for us at this moment easily adopt the M220:
1. QoS on the device

The M200 does offer the functionality to set the QoS queue per SSID; in that way we don't need to worry about it at switch level and it was working perfect for our environment for the AP's we had.
With the M220 we have to set the Qos on the switch used the VLAN QoS feature. Not a big change but I would be interested to hear if other people faced the same issue and what are pro's and cons on using both different APs with this feature (on the AP versus on the switch)

2. SSID isolation  

The M200 offers SSID isolation per SSID. This was needed from a security perspective so that our open public SSID could not be spoofed by other wireless clients talking to the other wireless clients connected to the same public SSID.

The M220 only offers 1 single feature for the entire AP called Station Isolation.

Station isolation 
When enabled, the M220 prevents communication between wireless clients associated with 
the same wireless community. Clients can still communicate with the wired network, across a 
WDS link, and with other wireless clients associated with a different wireless community. This 
selection is applied to all wireless communities on the AP.

The above description still leaves room for discussion in what way wireless clients can talk to other clients over the wire or within its SSID. Does somebody knows if we are going to get at all the SSID isolation feature back in the fw of the M220?  Or how we can correctly achieve SSID isolation on this device?


If anyone else has any good observations when you compared the M200 versus M220 then please raise it here!