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MSC 5200 Web page redirect


MSC 5200 Web page redirect




I have inherited 20 APs with a mix of Colubris branded and HP branded.  IN a hospitality environment I need to know if the MSC 5200 can do 2 things.



1) enforce a common password that users have to input to be allowed to the Internet.  This is a hotel environment so all users need to be forced to authenticate, not just the first one.


2) Force the users to a landing page where they can input the password or allow them to go to 1 specific page on the Internet but to get anywhere else they have to authenticate.




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Re: MSC 5200 Web page redirect

What you want to do should be easy to do. You can create different user accounts in the MSM under Public Access (I think that's where it is off-hand). For example, a different user account/password for each hotel room that you hand out.

As for a landing page, yes, that's done by using the HTML authentication option within a VSC. Also make sure to enable the client data tunnel for that VSC. Then to allow certain sites to be accessed even WITHOUT requirinig a username/password on the landing page, just use the Attributes page, which is like setting up ACLs.





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