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MSM 313 Customization



I am trying to customize MSM 313 for Holiday Inn Express. Created a login.html page at

http:// www.getcctvsystems.com/okcapt/login.html

ACCESS-LIST registration,ACCEPT,tcp,wireless.colub...   ACCESS-LIST registration,ACCEPT,tcp,*.procurve...   ACCESS-LIST registration,ACCEPT,tcp,getcctvsys...   ACCESS-LIST registration,ACCEPT,tcp,*.procurve...   USE-ACCESS-LIST colubris       LOGIN-PAGE http://www.getcctvsystems.com/okca...       TRANSPORT-PAGE http://www.getcctvsystems.com/okca...       SESSION-PAGE http://www.getcctvsystems.com/okca...       FAIL-PAGE http://www.getcctvsystems.com/okca...       LOGO http://www.getcctvsystems.com/okca...       WELCOME-URL http://express.ihg.com/okcma       VSA-WISPR-ACCESS-PROCEDURE 1.0

Created a username and password, but whenever I am trying to logon, it is showing me default HP page with username and password. HTML and Local authentication is clicked.


I would like to have Login.html as default page.


Please let me know what mistake I am doing.





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