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Re: MSM 410 Firmware update

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MSM 410 Firmware update



I recently inherited a couple of MSM 410 WW access points from an office clearance. They're 2-3 years old, and have a fairly old firmware installed (which isn't compatible with current browsers due to outdated cryptography). I believe I need a Care Pack to get updates, but before I spend the money, I'd like to check if the part number  HR942E will be suitable, given the APs are no longer in warranty.


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Re: MSM 410 Firmware update



Just responding to your question about the care pack. I can't tell you what the correct care pack for this device is but only want to warn you not to go through a vendor to get this but go straight through HP.  I went through a vendor which clearly stated the care pack was correct for the MSM 410 device so I purchased it way back in March of this year.  I could never get it properly linked to my device and could not get the coveted SAID key to allow me to download any firmware. So after several attempts I left the project only to return recently to try to resolve the care pack entitlement issue.  After contacting HP care pack support I finally got the right engineer who told me that the care pack I purchased was for a newer device, then I was told to contact the vendor and request the care pack to be cancelled and replaced - I finally threw in the towel with this one.  This is now the second time I've gotten burned by going through an authorized reseller.  I would suggest calling HP Care Pack support at 844-317-1454 before purchasing to get the proper care pack purchase part info this might make the whole process much smoother.  At least directly through them if it is the wrong item they can correct it themselves rather then having an uninterested third party acting  on your behalf.  There are some other horror stories with the whole care pack "linking" process even after it is purchased - you'll see in the web link below - I went through the exact same thing but now I know I never had a chance.





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Re: MSM 410 Firmware update

Good news for you, maybe no carepack required. If you are using standalone AP it is covered by Lifetime warranty with limited software support. Just go to HP Networking support website. Fill your part number of AP, login using Passport, then you will be forced to fill the serial number and then date of purchase.




But I studied an Iris application now (configuration tool for partners) and in enclosed carepack configurator there is a notice that Software support is limited to 3years only and  Products purchased before August 1, 2013 include 1 year of technical support and 1 year (bug fix only).    If you buy devices as new from official distributor no problem.


Carepacks can be bought only if you buy new device from official distribution channel. And there is a limit of 180 days after purchase until you need to decide if carepack yes or no. If warranty/carepack ends, you can buy postwarranty packs (90 days before warranty ends and 30 days after). Sure there are options to cover your devices by contract but this is more difficult.


Be carefull with versions. I am mainly using controlled APs and here first you must upgrade to lower version. (if I remember the key is: from older than 5.7.x first to 5.7, then to 6.0 and then to current version (6.5.3 is good candidate, 6.6.0 is too fresh and it is major release).

Read the release note.


Carepacks - if you buy from authorized distributor you can buy standard carepack U3SD0E (for J9427C), this is foundation care (software+hardware support)

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Re: MSM 410 Firmware update



These devices were inherited from office clearance and are 2-3 yr old, so most likely they are purchased before Aug 1 2013 when Wty 2.0 became active. In that case a Care Pack is required to have any FW upgrades or any SW-related support for it.


Easiest way to find out if the devices are in wty is to go to Warranty Lookup tool at http://h20565.www2.hpe.com/hpsc/wc/public/home. If the tool shows you wty start date on ir after Aug 1 2013, the device is covered under wty 2.0.


There's also a very easy way to find out which Care Packs are available for a given device. Go to Care Pack Central at http://cpc.hpe.com/portal/site/cpc and enter the product number.



No point searching for MSM410 in CPC just now tho' - the tool shows incorrect result. I've reported that to appropriate entity.




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