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MSM 422 Mesh

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MSM 422 Mesh

I am using two MSM 422 to set up a mesh network.  These units have been in a standard wifi configuration until I recently needed to extend the network where no cabling was available.  Once 422 is master, one is slave.  Both talk to a 710 controller.


Slave unit will not talk to the master, but the Master sees the mesh ID (default of 1).  The error on the controller is that the slave unit is unknown to the controller and therefore not allowed to join the mesh.  If I plug the slave into the LAN momentarily, it will authenticate to the controller and the mesh is activated (and immediately creates a routing loop).


I have alternately set the IP on the slave to DHCP or Static, and always on the same subnet.  I also set the discovery address to the IP of the controller.  Is this a catch 22 where the mesh is not activated so the AP cannot authenticate, which is what is keeping the mesh from activating?


How do I resolve this?



Richard Litchfield
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Re: MSM 422 Mesh

I think this is out of date now (since v 5.x), but it may have some extra info:



The trick is to get the slave AP into the system so it is managed by teh controller, and then change the config with the local mesh settings. Leave the defaults for Local Mesh Profiles, and change the radio type to mesh only.


Change the master  - modify local mesh profile 1 (do it without encryption whilst testing) and radio type to mesh only.