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MSM-422 issues

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MSM-422 issues

How many users can the MSM-422 AP handle when controlled by MSM-760 ??

or it depends on the MSM-760 ?

and also how to make w redundancy between 2 MSM-760 controllers ?

Is there any configuration to make the APs discovery process go faster ?

How to reduce the interference to the max?


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Re: MSM-422 issues

Read this and most questions will be answered:


Make sure your ports are set to edge on your switch STP.

Why do you need the APs to be discvoered faster - are you talking initially or after a reboot?

Also interferance can be many things? you need to do a survey and see what is around first before dploying AP's.


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Re: MSM-422 issues

Thanks for the Reply, i already checked that link before but no answers on that.

I got my answers anyway