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MSM 430 - VSC VLAN ID not available

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MSM 430 - VSC VLAN ID not available

Good day,

I recently aquired and configured the subject device. I'm now attempting to setup a specific VLAN under a VSC. I've read the documentation and extensively online, but am stuck at something seemingly simple I can't solve - there are no VLAN's available in the drop down box under a new VSC profile. 

Under Network Profiles I have one created, with a VLAN ID of 1. Under VLAN's the network profile is listed there and assignd to port 1. At the top of the page it says "Number of matching VLANs: 1 " So I have one configured, but I cannot chooes it from a new VSC, the drop down under the egress section says <no VLAN defined>. I've tried restarting, making others, looking everyone online...nothing.

Can someone adivse please?