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MSM 430 setup - autonomous mode

stewart Wilmot
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MSM 430 setup - autonomous mode



I was wondering if anyone can supply me easy instructions on setting up a 430 in autonomous mode?  We are used to setting these up with a controller, but wish to set two up autonomously on a particular site. 


any help would be great.

HPs instructions dont seem to be that clear.



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Re: MSM 430 setup - autonomous mode

Anybody have idea?
Kell van Daal
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Re: MSM 430 setup - autonomous mode

Is there anything in particular that you are trying to accomplish?


The configuration on an autonomous AP is very similar to a controller. Of course there are some features missing in autonomous mode.


A basic config would be to add a VSC, enter a VSC name, an SSID and maybe WPA. Also note, that by default only radio 1 is enabled on the VSC. If you don't have an 802.11a or 5Ghz 802.11n capable client, you might not see the SSID. To enable both radios for the VSC, in the VSC make sure that "Transmit/receive on:" has "Radio 1 and 2" selected. Save the config and you are good to go.


Or do you mean you have problems switching a controlled AP to an autonomous AP? In that case, if the controller is controlling the AP, on the controller go to "Controlled APs -> Default Group -> select the AP you want to convert". Then go to "Maintenance -> system -> and click on "Switch to Autonomous Mode"".