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MSM-460 showing duplicate and wrong IP's

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MSM-460 showing duplicate and wrong IP's

We are rolling out wireless credit card terminals and are seeing some really odd behaviour.

The MSM-460 are running FW and are set up with two VLANS and two separare SSID's

One VLAN/SSID is broadcast and for guest use, the other is hidden for private use and it is this that the terminals are connecting to.

The terminals are all set with static IP's and show as connected to the AP's however, connection times are quite slow and when we look at the wireless clients on the 460 we see that all of the devices are connected to the AP with the same IP - this IP is not in any DHCP range we have and is not anything like the static IP set on the device.


The terminal manufacturer insist this IP isn't hardcoded on the device any form and say that it is the AP is misreporting it.


I can ping the terminals using their correct static IP's.


Anyone seen anything like this before?