M and MSM Series

MSM 710 DHCP Relay Agent Stops Working

Jerry Cole

MSM 710 DHCP Relay Agent Stops Working

I am trying to make the MSM 710 controller work more like a bridge and extend my wired network addressing scheme to the wireless network.


To do that, I set up the DHCP relay agent to hand out IP addresses from our DHCP server which worked fine but then I noticed that I could not "ping" or connect to any device connected via wireless. To fix that issue, I checked the option to "Extend VSC egress subnet to VSC ingress subnet" and set the VSG to "tunnel all traffic"...this allowed me to then connect to wireless devices but, unfortunately, the DHCP relay agent stopped working and new clients could not get IP addresses nor could existing clients renew their DHCP leases.


Is there any way to make the MSM 710 operate where the wired and wireless network are on the same subnet and the wired clients can connect to wireless devices?