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MSM 710 Keeps dropping internet

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MSM 710 Keeps dropping internet

HI ,

I have around 4 MSM 710 controllers in different campuses.  3 of them keeps dropping internet and clients complain that they cannot connect to the intrenet. The time it drops

- i cannot get into the interface remotely

-can ping

-can ssh

- Manually have to reboot it to work


Does anyone had the same issue ? what can be the reason ?

i recently updated the firmware ..still causing the issue.


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Re: MSM 710 Keeps dropping internet

How are your MSM710s setup? Are you using multiple VSCs or just a single VSC?  What types/quantities of MSM Access Points? 


Are your VSC(s) open wireless, Authenticated/Access Controlled, tunneled through the controller?   When you say they are losing internet, do the wireless clients still have an IP address?  If so, can you ping anything on your network or ping the controller interfaces (LAN Port or iPort)?  What hands out your DHCP addresses, the controller or a remote DHCP server?    When the clients say they lose internet, can ou still see those clients under Wireless Clients for a given AP or AP Group in the controller's web interface?  etc... Just need more information here... :)


When you say, you cannot get into the interface remotely, are you meaning you can't even get into the controllers Web interface via https anymore?  On either the LAN or the iPort?  Can you ping either/both ports?


What are you seeing for errors... I'd suggest gathering logs.  From the controllers web interface....


1. Login to web interface.

2. In the network tree, select Controller -> Tools -> System Log ->  Unfiltered Log (save this file)

3. In the network tree, select Controller -> Tools -> System Log -> Filtered Log (save this file)

4. In the network tree, select Controller -> Maintenance -> System -> Download (save this file)

5. n the network tree, select Controlled APs -> Default Group (assuming this is where your APs are) -> Tools ->  System Log -> Save this log too


^^^ All those logs, etc. are useful for sending to HP Tech Support.  You can browse all of them yourself too (except the .BIN file) for clues.




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