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MSM 710 performance problems

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MSM 710 performance problems


I have a flat l2 LAN.  In 2520-8 PoE switch there are 1 MSM710 mobility controller, 6 MSM410 AP and 2 MSM310 AP.

There are some problems, which I can't fix:

1) Most users connect to MSM310 AP even if 410AP is closer and serve less users. 

2) Access points, that collect about 15 client's have performance problems. Users can't use internet normally(too slow).

Controller used only for provisioning access point and user authentication.There are two SIDs. One with Preshared WPA key, and the second with 802.1x with Radius server and key cashing enabled. I have about 100 active users divided between this SID's, and all of them have the same problems. There are no any guest users.

 Also i have CPU load about 80% on controller. Can it cause performance issue?

Could any one help with these problems?

Thank you!



cenk sasmaztin
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Re: MSM 710 performance problems

hi sergey msm 710 controller for small busines company product


msm710 many users during the authentication device can not unload the burden of authentication


if you have 100 active users authentication you must upgrade msm 760 device