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MSM 720 Upload speed problems

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MSM 720 Upload speed problems

Has anyone else run into the issue of upload speeds over the wireless with the MSM720s?  Screenshots below.


While connected to the wireless (multiple laptops and sections of the wireless network, full strength) the download speed is about 75% of what wired is and the Upload speed is not even 10% of what it should be.


I have reset the controller and tried multiple devices.  Has me a little stumped.  There is nothing limiting the access apeed in the settings.  


any help would be appreciated

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Re: MSM 720 Upload speed problems

Would really new more information here.  When you talk about about download/upload speeds are you referring to the internet?   Or to local resources on your internal network?    If the internet, what is your internet pipe speed for up/down?   The problems your facing could be anything... how confident are you with the site design/survey as it related to coverage AND co-channel interference?  Could there be other 2.4/5ghz activity interfering with your APs?   Have you verified this from multiple wireless devices including different makes/models  (I've seen wireless driver issues on clients cause huge problems on rare occasions).    Are you sure you're not using bandwidth allocation/throttling on the controller?   or possibly some other device on your network, like the firewall, providing bandwidth allocation/throttling?   How many wireless devices are connected on a given AP and given radio PER each AP when you're experiencing the problem?   What sort of latency are you seeing from the wireless devices TO the controller and TO the firewall and TO the internet (google's IP addresses for example).   High latency can kill your throughput like nothing else due to retransmissions, etc.    What about broadcast filtering, are you using it for the VSC?  That's about about 1/10th of the questions that might help determine root cause... ;)  sorry!    Hope that gives you some ideas though.




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Re: MSM 720 Upload speed problems

I'm having the same problem.  I have 7 MSM-466 AP's tied into a 720 controller.  The download speed is what it should be via the wireless connection, however, the upload is horrible.  We're running a symmetrical 30mb fiber connection as the last mile provider, and when we run a speed test on speedtest.net, we're able to get close to 30m down, but we're not even hitting .5m up.  As these tests have been run, we have bypassed our RADIUS authentication, so the RADIUS provided bandwidth limits are not going into place (even if they were, we have them set at 7500kbps).  The laptops we are testing this from all have excellent signal strength and show an SNR of 30 or higher on the radio they are connected to.  We're using 15dbi sector antennas on the 2.4 Ghz band.  Sectors are 2-pole antennas.  The third port on the radio is capped with a terminator.  Built a very similar network...Almost identical in fact, last year, the only difference is that it was running on a 710 controller.  Both that 710 and this 720 are running firmware version and the access points are all in controlled mode.  Any ideas or thoughts on this would be greatly appreciated.