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MSM 720 User session persistence

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MSM 720 User session persistence



We experience an issue which is as follows:


We use HP MSM 720 Access Controller, to handle Wireless Clients as well as Ingress(Cabled) Clients.

We also implement External Radius Authentication(Controller acts as a NAS).

Everything works fine except this:


If the Controller lose the connection with the radius server and the user perform a logout(or the idle timeout attribute is being reached) the controller logs out the user without notify tha radius server(even when the connectivity re-established).


The same condition happens when a abnornal reboot happen to the controller:

When the Controller power up it "does not remember" the active user sessions.


So in both conditions, when a user tries to reconnect fails(due to max concurrent sessions set to one).The workaround is to manually remove the users from the Radius server.


Does anybody faced the same issue?any advice?