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MSM 720 & Ruckus APs

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MSM 720 & Ruckus APs

I have a network set up with MSM 720 connected to ISP on the WAN side and 20 x Third-Party (Ruckus) APs on the LAN side through HP managed switches.  Here are additional details:

LAN Address: 172.10.x.x

Management Subnet: 192.168.x.x and all APs are also on this subnet

One of the SSIDs is mapped to VLAN-200.  WiFi clients on this SSID receive their dynamic address from the MSM controller (172.10.x.x) DHCP server. I use VSC Ingress Mapping to VLAN 200.  Everything is working fine.  In other words WiFi Clients get to the internet.  The only issue is that WiFi Clients cannot access a wired server on VLAN-200 and on the 172.10.x.x. subnet.  I can ping the server from the MSM-720 controller but not from the WiFi Clients.  Looks like all traffic from the WiFIi Clients are sent to the gateway adddress of the APs which is 192.168.x.x. Any help is greatly appreciated.