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MSM 720 discovering on wrong vlan?

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MSM 720 discovering on wrong vlan?

Hi all,


I'm trying to setup the MSM 720 controller with HP 425 AP's. However I'm having trouble coupling the two.

The controller sees the AP's but they're stuck on "Waiting for acceptance". I found people having similar problems to which the solution was creating a static route, which I tried, but it didn't work.


Now when I check the access point status I see the following:



It discovers the access point on interface datacenter with VLAN 0. The interface is correct, but the vlan should be 100. I checked the traffic and the access point is indeed broadcasting on vlan 100 so my switches are set correctly. Is this normal or is there some setting I've got to change?


Thanks in advance!

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Re: MSM 720 discovering on wrong vlan?



You didn't clarify what exactly do you mean with solution being static route, but this does not sound like a solution - it sounds like a workaround.


Is any port on the controller part of VLAN 100 to begin with? Tagged or untagged?


Note that for HP 425 AP to work you need to run minimum FW 6.3 on the controller. If you're running, upgrade to at least.


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