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MSM 720 with guest netowrk

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MSM 720 with guest netowrk


Bashing my head in trying to configure a MSM 720 to have guest network on a separate VLAN. Latest firmware is installed.

Topology looks like this for the vlan:

MSM Port 1 (vlan 1 untagged, vlan 7 tagged) > HP Switch Port 24 (vlan 1 untagged, vlan 7 tagged) > Port 23 (vlan 1 untagged, vlan 7 tagged > Cisco ASA Port 3 (subinterface with vlan 7)

I have a VSC setup to access control and egress mapping to a interface in and VLAN 7. VSC is set to always tunnel the traffic.

DHCP relay is turned on (for client data tunnel) and set to forward to egress interface. On that subnet we have DHCP turned on for the ASA. DHCP works fine when we just set DHCP client on the interface we are egressing to.

However, it seems like the traffic is not leaving correctly through the correct VLAN because we are unable to access it even though setting a static address. I can ping fine from ASA to Controller fine so network seems to be working fine.

Am I misunderstanding anything regarding the traffic flow and egressing? Checking the configuration guide on how the flow should work it seems like I have set it up correctly.