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MSM 760 ARP poisoning

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MSM 760 ARP poisoning

I have a serious problem with the MSM760 controller which renders it completely useless for us.


After a while the MSM760 starts to answer ARP requests on the network for random IP addresses on subnets which aren't configured on the MSM.


I reset the configuration, upgraded the firmware and startet from scratch two days ago. Today the same thing happened again. I disconnected the MSM from the network and connected a workstation directly to the LAN port and started a network scan.


This is the configuration:


Workstation IP, Gateway



This is what the scanner gets:


Workstation: who has the

MSM: is on (MAC address from MSM)


I tried this with a B and A network address for the workstation with the same result: the MSM760 answers any ARP request.


I backup up the configuration and reset it, then reloaded the configuration and the issue vanished. But this happend twice already with completely different configurations.


We cannot connect the MSM to our network, the last time it disabled an entire terminalserver farm.


Any ideas?

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Re: MSM 760 ARP poisoning



This behavior is intentional and can be disabled.  The concept is to support clients with any IP address - so they will still get a login page and can surf the web even if they have a static IP - so it is designed for guest access in hotels and eliminating the need to help customers on the phone to change IP settings.


if you disable the "Allow any IP address" feature in public access - that interference should stop.  


good luck




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Re: MSM 760 ARP poisoning

Thanks, I'll try that.


I suspected something similar, but was confused because the behavior isn't consistent.

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Re: MSM 760 ARP poisoning



I have the same problem on my MSM720 but i don't see this option in public access.


May be this option move to another menu in ?