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MSM 760 Block MACs on a specific VSC only

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MSM 760 Block MACs on a specific VSC only


I would like to know if it's possible to block MAC addresses on a specific VSC but have them still be able to connect to another VCS?

Basically the customer wants to block their staff from accessing and connecting to the guest WiFi. 

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Re: MSM 760 Block MACs on a specific VSC only

Yes it looks like you can do this on a VSC basis. See the MSM7XX controller configuration guide:

"The Wireless MAC filter option enables you to control access to the wireless network based on the
MAC address of a wireless device. You can either block access or allow access, depending on
your requirements.
This feature is configured on the VSC profile page. (To open this page, see “Viewing and editing
VSC profiles” (page 112)).
MAC address list
Select the MAC address list to check when the Wireless MAC filter option is enabled. It the
MAC address of a client station appears in the list, then the selected Filter action is applied.
Define lists by selecting Security > MAC lists."