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MSM 760 Licensing

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MSM 760 Licensing



Just a quick clarification question about MSM760 licensing.


At the moment we have 2 MSM760 mobility controller teamed together. We have 76 AP running and our license limit is 80 AP. My question is, in order to increase the number of AP, do I need to buy 2 x 40AP license (for each controller) or just 1 since the controller is teamed together.


appreciate if someone can clarify this before we make any purchase.



Glen Willms
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Re: MSM 760 Licensing

With the mobility controller license, all device licenses are shared including the 40 licenses that come with the controller.

As you add licenses they will be shared across the team.
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Re: MSM 760 Licensing

Hi Razmir


Depends on your redundancy needs. Here's a table from the Management / Config guide:

Number of team        Maximum AP licences    Maximum APs you can deploy to ensure redundancy
members                                                                N+1              N+2                  N +3
2                                  400                                     200               -                         -
3                                  600                                     400               200                   -
4                                  800                                     600               400                   200
5                                  800                                     800               600                   400

So if you have two controllers, need redundancy and have 80 APs you need 160 licenses = one extra / controller.


HPE Networking Engineer
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Re: MSM 760 Licensing

Hi Arimo,


where do I see the installed licenses for the team? When I look up the licenses under


Team / Controllers / Manager / Maintenance / Licenses


I don't see the sum of licenses we have installed.


Regards, Leonardo


Regards, Leonardo