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MSM 760 authenticate through WPA and HTML login

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MSM 760 authenticate through WPA and HTML login

Hi All,


I am having a problem on my HP MSM 760 Wireless Controller, My MSM760 Wireless Controller is connected inline mode.



I have 2 SSID






HTML Authentication






WPA Authentication


Created 2 VLAN

VLAN 10 (GUEST)     IP:; NAT Disabled

VLAN 20 (CORP)       IP:; NAT Enabled


Bind the VSC Profile to Default Group


Created user account for Guest SSID



Connected to CORP SSID

- Obtained ip

- I have Internet Connection


Connected GUEST SSID

- Obtained ip address

- Authenticated through the login page - successful

- After successful authentication, No Internet Connection


Can't see what's the problem with the configuration?

VLAN 20 (CORP)       IP:; NAT Enabled - When I disable NAT, I lose Internet connection

VLAN 10 (GUEST)     IP:; NAT Disabled - When I enable NAT, html login page won't display, no internet connection





cenk sasmaztin
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Re: MSM 760 authenticate through WPA and HTML login

If you want use html authentication after network connection for guest you must be follow some of rules 1 guest client default gateway address must have controller lan port 2 guest vsc must be bind controller lan port vlan( non binding) 3 you must use default vsc 4 all default vsc user go to lan port on to internet port 5 internet port must be connect to Internet ( vlan or router port) 6 check nat configuration 7 check internet port default gateway address (default gateway address provide internet connection)

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Re: MSM 760 authenticate through WPA and HTML login

Hi Cenk,



I have faced a problem when using a VSC with web authentication.


I creted two network profiles with VLAN 10 and 20 . Also created VSCs on controller and binded with  each network profile.


VSC A -> Vlan 10

VSC B -> VLAN 20


then I created two vlans (10 and 20) on the switch and also added DHCP pools on the switch.  configured VLAN interfaces and assigned IP addresses. In each DHCP defined vlan interface IPs as gateways.



my question is when I try to enable access control on the VSC B connected clients not receiving IP addresses. IF I remove tick on Always use tunnel client  option clients receive IPs.  But no public web page showing. But I need to show public web page and do the authentication before client grant internet access.


my other VSC is not using access control and it works fine with external DHCP. Since I am planning to team my controllers what will be the work out to resolve the issue?


Please help me since I cannot team my controllers since of this issue i need to use VSC DHCP option.


thank you

Kind regards