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Re: MSM 760 reboot issue

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MSM 760 reboot issue



Our MSM760 controller is starting to reboot itself. First a lot of radius messages are filling op the logs, and then the following:


Mar 22 11:37:11 warning   kernel       Process radiusd has exceeded its data memory limit of 8000K bytes, while incr 8044K bytes

Mar 22 11:37:11 warning   monitord     Unexpected termination for process 'radiusd -d /tmp/raddb -f -l syslog' [pid 18400, up for 18 sec(s)]

Mar 22 11:37:11 info monitord     Normal RESTART initiated (reason=excessive restarts, 20 restarts in 5 minutes after 30 minutes of uptime)

Mar 22 11:37:14 info monitord     MSM760 is restarting

Mar 22 11:37:14 info iprulesmgr   Trigger publicAccessStatusChangedTrap (status='Down',changed-cause='Service Shutdown').

Mar 22 11:37:14 info iprulesmgr   Access Controller is shutting down.


We are running version


What can be the cause of all the radius messages. We are using WPA and Active Directory authentication.


Re: MSM 760 reboot issue

We're currently working through several RADIUS related issues with HP at the moment, one of which has been described as this in their bug tracking system:


109750	freeradius exceeds data memory limit under heavy load

We were given a Proof of Fix build to address some of these issues. Have you tried raising a support call?



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Re: MSM 760 reboot issue

What bug tracking system?

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MSM 5.7.x deployment guide:


Re: MSM 760 reboot issue

Their internal one.