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MSM-760 roaming

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MSM-760 roaming



I have a MSM-760 with 5 MSM422 APs connected in a very simple setup.

It seems like when a client (either wifi-phone or laptop) is connected to one AP it won´t roam to the next one when it gets out of range of the initial AP.

Any idea what I´m doing wrong - it is only an accesscontroller(no mobility licens), but as far as I understand it shouldn´t be nessecary for doing very simple roaming, when a client gets out of reach of one AP and in reach of another.


Fredrik Lönnman
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Re: MSM-760 roaming



Its actually the client that is mostly responsible for initiate the roaming. Look in your WiFi settings, often there are variables to tweak for more aggressive roaming.


There are also such things as opportunistic WPA2 key caching that you could turn on to speed up the handover once the roam is initiated.




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Re: MSM-760 roaming


I have the same problem with 2 x MSM760 Mobility and 5 MSM 430.

When my client moves over another AP, the client don't roam !

It's a WEP configuration, because devices don't support WPA (wifi scan handguns...)

If you have any idea, I must make the migration ASAP, we put back Nortel APs for the moment... :/
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cenk sasmaztin
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Re: MSM-760 roaming


L2 roaming default settings enable if you want L3 roaming and if you want wpa key fast L2 roaming  you need mobility lisance


There are a few reasons for this problem to occur


1-some client don't support roaming

please test

connect  win7 client you wifi system and ping another destination for example default gateway

roam all sites

check any connection issue if you want many ping loss your wifi system wrong design.

if you not see any loss packet to be wrong phone system design


2-if you use encryption wpa this fault very normal

change or disable encryption and retest


3-check and/or make wireless site survey report

with  Hp RF planer or another program

may be your access point wrong place



good luck