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MSM 765zl Configuration

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MSM 765zl Configuration

Planning on setting up a team of these and I need some help with what I should do for the Guest WLAN.

Right now I am placing the controller and APs on my internal network (VLAN 1) which is 10.1.x.x. I crated VLAN 3 for guest wireless traffic for subnet 192.168.3.x. My switch is setup with an ip helper address on VLAN 3 and all works well when a client connects to a VLAN 3 port via the wired network.

So for my Guest VSC:
Authentication: Enabled
Security: HTTP Web Based User Log in
Access Control: Enabled
Client Client Data: Enabled
Egress Port: VLAN 3
DHCP Relay: Enabled
DHCP Relay Egress Port: VLAN 3

Does this make sense? I want the guest traffic to get out to the VLAN 3 network and then get an IP address from my internal DHCP server. After that I want the client on the Guest WLAN to be redirected to a HTTP login page.

The LAN port on the controller would be untagged and VLAN 3 would be tagged via the LAN port with no IP. Should I do anything with the Internet port?