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MSM 765zl and built-in firewall

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MSM 765zl and built-in firewall



We are configuring a team of MSM 765zl for a customer. For the guest access the customer wants to use the built-in firewall in the controller.


For start I created a custom rule that drops all traffic both in/out of the controller, but when connected to the access controlled guest network there is full access in both direction.


The only thing I can think of is that we have a vlan at internet port and guest users use this vlan as an egress interface, so we don't have a static ip adress assigned to the internet port and route the traffic that way. But I think the firewall should work either way.


Any suggestions?



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Re: MSM 765zl and built-in firewall

I've had this problem, too.  The firewall didn't drop anything. 


But you might want to try putting an access-list on the default access-control profile.  I haven't tried this myself, so if it blows up your MSM, then don't blame me.  I don't think the ACL is stateful, so you might need to be creative.


Check out page 2-45 on the HP ProCurve MultiService Mobility Solutions - Implementation Guide