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MSM310 (J9379A) IP Helper or DHCP Relay configuration

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MSM310 (J9379A) IP Helper or DHCP Relay configuration


I recently move my DHCP server from a Cisco 887 to our own Windows 2016 DHCP server and try to add my 2 MSM 310 to this new structure as Autonomous Access points.

Previously I was able to get IP addresses from the Cisco switch end without any issues but right now I am still able to access to the HTTP interface of the MSM310 but it is not giving out IP addresses from the DHCP pool.

I am not able to find any useful information regarding on the DHCP relay or IP helper setting nor at the user manual or at the web interface either.

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Re: MSM310 (J9379A) IP Helper or DHCP Relay configuration


It is not possible to configure DHCP relay on the AP. 

The AP will forward the wireless traffic to a wired VLAN on the switch side. It can be either the default VLAN of the AP (if you dont speficy egress VLAN in the VSC) or some separate non-default VLAN (specified in the VSC menu under egress VLAN).

DHCP relay or ip helper should be configured on the switch or router which acts as default gateway for the wifi client VLAN. 

When the CIsco router was DHCP server it was probably working because the router was default gateway and DHCP server at the same time.

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