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MSM310-R Problem booting

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MSM310-R Problem booting

Hello all,

I have in my possession a MSM310-r router (J9383A) which was in its box for about 6 years. I have started the AP so as to use it to cover a new area by connecting it to my MSM730 controlled infrastructure. The problem is that the router will power up but will not boot. I've managed to enter BOOT mode and the tftp commands for reset work fine but still no boot, so I tried to reflash a firmware. I have 3 different firmware cim files but it would not get installed, following the error (Bad Magic) I found out that the boot loader is needed using the tftp command tftp -i put %cimfile% image. Is there anybody who has a valid cim.startup image for this router? I do not care for the version just want to make the rooter boot as best as it can.


Yhanj you and best regards